After several years working for various companies in Taiwan's thriving bicycle industry, Pei-Hua Huang began his project in 2017 to develop a bicycle that would prove to be exceptional. CROSS VELO MINI (CVM) was launched with a view to reviving the idea of the cross frame, which evokes the aesthetics of 19th century bicycles, and integrating the latest technological developments. This unique mini velo, designed for city riding, has been handcrafted using the highest-quality materials and finishes and with components from the best brands. Its combination of minimalist design and classic elegance makes it a sublime bike.
The CVM’s success has led to other models such as the electric version, the CVM-E, as well as the gravel version, the impressive CVX, and its electric variant, the CVX-E, all of which are about to be launched on the market.