what a bike!

Whatabike! is a startup born from a carefully designed initiative that aims to help increase the use of bicycles as a way of getting around the city. Therefore, we offer a number of brands and models with a specific profile suited to urban use. Some of these models are still new on the European market and stand out from the competition in terms of quality, design and innovation.

At Whatabike!, we try to transmit the qualities and value of our bicycles by seeking the trust of those who visit us.




Whatabike! offers a range of mid- to high-end models, specialising in compact folding city bikes, both mechanical and electric, with 16-, 18- and 20-inch wheels. The selection criteria we use to curate our range of bicycles is that, as well as their excellent quality, they should have some special feature that makes them unique, such as their lightweight build, their design, their size, the ingenuity of their folding mechanism and geometry, their performance or quality-price ratio.

Distribution and sale

Whatabike! has established commercial agreements with Asian manufacturers and suppliers in order to distribute and sell their brands, and has a reliable technical service and a committed after-sales service. We have also reached agreements with some of these suppliers to market bicycles based on their designs under the WAB! brand name, using their approved frames, assembling the components and conducting quality control checks in our Barcelona workshops.

We start today, excited to present the products we have to offer and captivate our fellow bicycle lovers.

Behind Whatabike!

Ignasi Martí i Mas, Whatabike! founder

Architect with more than twenty years of professional experience. Freelance pianist and cellist.

Design, beauty, emotion, honesty and tenacity, concepts with which I have always identified, have come together in an unmissable opportunity to launch a new, friendly and reliable business that I have named Whatabike!

The challenges generated by sector's prolonged crises and two years of severe pandemic have presented an opportunity for me to turn my sights and efforts towards a world I have always been passionate about: bikes.
I would like this project, which is just getting off the ground, to captivate those who are looking to make a serious commitment to changing their habits in the name of environmental improvement, sustainable progress and caring of all kinds of health. Cities need clean transport systems to replace those that are more polluting, and in this new context, the bicycle plays a fundamental role.