Cross Velo Mini GA8


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This is the Taiwanese brand's original and authentic model. An urban ‘crossover’ bike for cyclists who value quality, superior design and exclusivity. The CVM GA8's components include 20” Kenda 37-451 wheels, a Shimano Alfine 8-speed internal-geared hub, a carbon belt drive system and hydraulic disk brakes. It offers a nimble, smooth and quiet ride.


Chromoly steel 4130


White / sand / black and shiny chrome parts


8 speed Shimano Alfine 8 18T


Hydraulic 16mm disk brakes




149 cm lenth – 100 cm handlebar height

CVM. Winner of the Red Dot Design Award 2021

The Red Dot Design Award is a prestigious international design prize awarded annually by the Zentrum Nordhein Westfalen in Germany. It recognises products and companies that base a large proportion of their value on design.  The Cross Velo Mini bicycle won this prize in 2021. The jury stated that the CVM is “a bicycle based on historical models that has a contemporary and original shape, perfectly in tune with its lightweight and long-lasting materials”.

A handcrafted bicycle

The crossover-build of the CVM frame, made of circular chromoly alloy steel tubing with both straight and curved segments, is handcrafted by a team of highly skilled manufacturers. It is a process that encompasses design, material and "architecture".

Chromoly 4130 frame

The CVM's crossover frame is made from 4130 chromoly alloy steel tubing, inspired by the tubular structures of classic bicycle models. Chromoly steel is a very strong and lightweight material that has already proven its worth for use in bicycle frames and structures.

Reinforced carbon belt drive system

One of CVM's most outstanding innovations is undoubtedly its reinforced carbon belt drive system. The GA8 model is equipped with a Gates Carbon Drive belt. The greatest advantages of this type of transmission are its durability and the fact that it is low-maintenance, does not require lubrication and does not get dirty. It offers a very quiet and smooth riding experience.

Internal gear hub

An internal gear hub has clear advantages: breakdowns are rare; it is very low-maintenance and it is very reliable. It allows riders to shift from one speed to another while the bike is stationary, which is very useful for the constant stopping at junctions and traffic lights in the city. The CVM GA8 is equipped with the Shimano Alfine 8-speed hub, one of the best internally geared hubs currently available on the market.


The CVM is a bike designed for urban use and offers an agile and comfortable ride, without needing to reach high speeds. However, Even so, the improvement of braking performance with the hydraulic disk brakes in both, the front and rear wheels shows the brand's commitment to increasing safety. The brake levers under the handlebars adapt to its curved shape so that they can be operated both when holding the sides of the handlebars as when riding with a more centred grip.

Optional extras

The front and rear mudguards and the luggage rack mounted over the front wheel are optional extras that can be fitted to the CVM to protect the rider from spray from the road and to carry bags more comfortably and safely.