Bicycle and components manufacturer Vicci Technology was launched in 2016. It was founded with the clear intention of becoming a benchmark for innovation and superior design in the bicycle industry, especially as regards the folding electric bicycle for urban use. There is no doubt that it has achieved its goal, evidenced by the numerous international design awards it has won for its models.

Awards such as the China Good Design Gold Award and China Red Star Silver Award in 2017; the IF Design Award in Germany in 2018; the Golden Pin Design Award in Taiwan and the Contemporary Good Design Award in 2019, and recently first prize at the Red Dot Design Award 2021 in Germany, attest to the high standard of the company's bicycles.

The company boasts international success and has obtained approval certificates in countries such as Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand, the United States and recently also in the European Union. It also strives to ensure good working conditions for its employees, as evidenced by the award of the international WCA certificate for good practices and the AS/NZS healthy working environment certification.

Whatabike! has agreed to import some components for two of this manufacturer’s folding e-bike models and carry out the entire assembly and quality control process in Barcelona.