Eecycle is a bicycle manufacturer that designs and manufactures its own components and applies the most advanced production and testing systems to build high quality bicycles. The company was launched in 2008 and, since then, thanks to its unwavering commitment to innovation, has been perfecting its products to become a benchmark manufacturer in the bicycle industry. Despite being a manufacturer of all kinds of bicycles, there is no doubt that the electric version of its urban folding bike, the EFT, has become the company's greatest success story in recent years.

Eecycle's quality control department has its own officially accredited laboratories equipped with the latest technology to control all parameters of bicycles and components.
Eecycle has a few years of experience in some European countries, but the company maintains strong export activity in several countries in Asia and Oceania.
Whatabike! has agreed to import the essential components for two of this manufacturer’s folding e-bike models and carry out the entire assembly and quality control process in Barcelona.