crnk is the sport-product brand of Analogue Plus. In 2015, this South Korean company got a position in Samsung Electronics' C-lab start-up and entrepreneurship acceleration program.
Anaolgue Plus develops designs and produces high performance helmets, glasses and other premium items for cycling, motorcycling and skiing with high thoroughness level and exhaustive quality controls. The company also stands out for its commitment to research and the application of technology in security and communication concepts. Their projects have always been financed through successful crowd funding campaigns, and they currently concentrate a large part of their efforts on the conception and development of smart helmets with visibility, safety and communication integrated functions.
crnk is a reference and leader in sales of helmets and accessories for cycling and skiing in much of the Asian market, and has recently run high efforts and investment in the European and North American markets. As a result of this, it obtained the obligatory certificates for the homologation of its products in these markets, including the CE marking. In whatabike! we got the privilege of having Analogue Plus confidence to distribute their products in Spain.