A classic design for a sublime bicycle !

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  • bicicleta urbana


    Few bikes are lighter, and none fold more easily !

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  • Iruka

    A bicycle born in Tokyo to seduce the world !

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    Electric, foldable and light with an exquisite design. What more could you ask for !

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Our bikes!

what a bike!

Whatabike!  is a bicycle import, distribution and sales company that was founded amid the context of the pandemic, the climate emergency and a growing social awareness of the need for a collective change of habits that will help us make the world we live in more sustainable.


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Your urban bicycle in Barcelona

We launched this company in Barcelona and we want it to thrive. The city should follow the example of other major European cities, which for years have prized the bicycle as a mode of clean and energy-efficient urban transport, and take full advantage of the technology and constant innovation generated by its industry.

New urban development plans in modern cities are incorporating new cycle paths as they grow, and linking cycle networks across central and suburban areas has become a priority. Every year, hundreds of kilometres of new cycle paths are added to urban and interurban road networks across Europe. A process of change is therefore emerging which already seems irreversible.

!Folding bicycles, the best way to get around the city

A large number of bicycle manufacturers are building folding and electric folding models in response to a growing demand, especially in towns and cities. It is an option that offers clear advantages for people living in flats and with limited space. What's more, bicycle theft is unfortunately not uncommon in cities, and bicycles parked on the street, even in designated racks, are at risk of being stolen or damaged. But overcoming the risk, we know that there is no problem fitting folding bikes into lifts, storing them at home or at work, and fits in the boot of the car; more compact and lighter models can even be taken on the metro, tram or bus, or into a restaurant or cinema.

The 'folding' tradition comes from Asia!

For many bicycle enthusiasts, thinking of the term 'folding bike' inevitably conjures the image of a successful British design. But in reality, Asia has a very long tradition and culture of using this type of bicycle. For decades, they have developed the best and most innovative ideas to bring the most advanced models to the world market.

At Whatabike! we have carefully curated a selection of Asian brands and models based on advice from top experts. We have reached agreements with companies in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and China to become distributors of their bicycles or to use their frames to build our own-brand bicycles. This allows us to offer interesting and high-quality models, some of them still unheard of in the European market.