In 2016, South Korean businessman and entrepreneur Oscar Moon released his first Chedech bike in order to fill a niche in the market of folding city bikes. There were good bikes that folded down compactly, there were very light bikes and innovative designs, but none of them combined all these qualities in one model. Chedech has applied the most advanced technology and the vast knowledge and experience of its technical and development team to design and produce the perfect bicycle. An improved three-joint folding mechanism weighing less than 9 kg, a bold design and a spectacular riding performance make this a one-of-a-kind bike.

Of its many great virtues, its light weight and folding mechanism are undoubtedly two of its best. Its essential parts (frame, fork, handlebars and rear swingarm) are made of chemically reinforced carbon fibre and their geometries have been duly designed to offer outstanding mechanical strength. The frame, which undergoes the most stress, features a laminated inner profile that makes it highly resistant and compensates for the break of the folding joint. Chedech has patented this and other original bicycle systems and components.