Vicci V5+


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The V5+ is Vicci's signature model. The recent recognition of its quality and excellent design, in the form of first prize at the Red Dot Design Award 2021, is the culmination of the success of this folding electric bike. It is a 16”-wheel bike with an efficient and fast folding mechanism. It is compact, light and comfortable to ride. It has been designed for urban use and can be easily carried on public transport or transported in the boot of a car. The motor assistance is managed by a torque sensor that reacts to pedal pressure.

V5+ is the improved equipment version of the V5, . Shimano hydraulic disc brake, 7Ah Samsung battery and start accelerator lever are the improvements that this model incorporates in relation to the V5 version.


Aluminium alloy , 3D forging technology


Mat metallic dark grey


One speed gear


Shimano 160 mm disk hydraulic brakes




15,8 Kg


1200x570x1050 mm

Size (folded)

670x450x650 mm


Rear 36V 250W (5 assistance levels)


Lithium 36V 7Ah Samsung


The V5+'s frame is made from aluminium alloy with high mechanical strength and is surprisingly lightweight, manufactured using innovative 3D forging technology.  It is undoubtedly a feature that makes this model stand out and gives the bicycle special appeal. It incorporates an ingenious folding system that is easy, accurate and safe to operate with mechanisms integrated into the frame. It is one of Vicci's patented systems.

Folding mechanism

The Vicci V5+'s folding mechanisms were developed and have been patented by the manufacturer. They are intuitive and quick to use and incorporate a locking and unlocking system that ensures the frame remains stable and safe when riding.

The V5+ folds at two points. Once at the centre of the frame and again at the base of the handlebar post. Once folded, the base of the seat post becomes the third support point that stabilises the bike.

Locked hinges

The V5+'s patented folding system features a lockable hinge in the central part of the frame. The mechanism features an integrated hinge with an operating lever that sits flush with the frame. It incorporates a safe and easy-to-use system that locks the hinge in place. The hinge on the handlebar post also features an ergonomic latch with an easy-to-use system that locks it in place. The lockable hinge system and methodology have been designed to make the folding and unfolding process fast, intuitive and safe.

Removable Samsung lithium battery

The battery fits neatly into the seat post, where the charging connection and the main power switch are also located. The battery can be removed easily, carried around and charged anywhere without needing the bike. The 36V and 7Ah lithium Samsung battery can reach a range of about 40 km when used under moderate conditions and not overexerted.

36V and 250W motor

The Vicci V5+ is a lightweight model with a 36V and 250W motor integrated into the rear wheel, which delivers enough power to offer an agile and reliable response in all urban riding conditions. The pedal pressure torque sensor activates the motor which will assist to a greater or lesser degree depending on which of the five levels has been selected via the display on the bike's handlebars.

Shimano160 mm hydraulic disc brakes

The Vicci V5+ is fitted with high-performance Shimano 160 mm hydraulic disc brakes on both the front and rear wheels, which guarantee optimal braking even in adverse weather conditions.

LCD multifunction display

The handlebar-mounted display features clear, easy-to-read graphics and provides all the data necessary to view all riding parameters. It indicates real-time speed, ride time, distance travelled, remaining battery, the motor assistance level and provides access to other functions such as turning the lights on or accessing the settings menu.

A unique design

Few bike manufacturers have given as much priority to the design and aesthetics as Vicci has with its V5+. A huge amount of effort and resources has gone into ensuring that the design is not driven by purely technical and performance objectives. The V5+ has mastered the challenge of combining riding comfort, safety and agile, reliable handling with a sleek design and a modern, minimalist aesthetic where every detail has been meticulously thought out.  Vicci's V5+ won first prize at the Red Dot Design Awards in 2021 and at the Good Design Awards in 2021, both renowned international design competitions.