Q.ik Genava - carbon


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The Genava is Q.ik's brand highest-end model. An innovative and top-level brand in the application of carbon fibres in bicycle structures. X5 frame, front and rear forks are carbon fibre made. Other outstanding elements of this model are the central motor installed on the bottom bracket axis, and the suspension device of the rear fork. A sophisticated patent from the manufacturer, consisting of a bi-articulated arm and a hydraulic shock absorber that react very effectively to vibrations caused by surface irregularities. This makes it also suitable for use off-road.

It is one of the lightest electric folding bicycles in its category. A compact 20” wheel model, that can be quick and easily folded down in two movements thanks to two pivot points.

The 5-level motor assistance is managed by a pedalling pressure Torque type sensor.


Carbon fiber


Matt Black / Matt White / Purple


Shimano Tourney 7v


Front and rear 160 mm diskc hydraulic brakes




15,5 Kg


1550x590x110 mm

Sizes (folded)

830x550x680 mm


36V 250W rear motor (5 assistance levels)


LG Lithium 36V 14Ah


The structural parts of the Genava model, main frame, rear frame and front fork are made of carbon fiber, which offers a very good mechanic resistance and much higher lightness than aluminium bike structures.

The rear fork is joined to the main frame by means of an innovative system patented by the brand. A double suspension mechanism formed by an articulated arm and a highly effective hydraulic suspension to absorb the irregularities of the road.

Folding system

The Genava model's folding system is intuitive, easy and fast.

The folding points, where the fasten mechanisms and structure discontinuities are, are built with aluminum elements to guarantee the necessary solidity.

The folding system involves two steps. The first step involves rotating the front part of the frame 180° to position the front wheel parallel to the rear wheel. The second step involves folding the handlebar post and handlebars to sit alongside the wheels. To stabilise the bike when it's folded, it is necessary to lower the seat post until it touches the ground and becomes the third point of support.

A two-piece magnets device located on the axles of the front and rear wheels fix the folded position of the bike. It prevents the parts from moving while being manipulated or rolling on the pavements.


The Genava model is equipped with a 36V LG lithium battery with a 14Ah charge capacity, giving it a riding range of up to 100 km (according to the manufacturer). The battery fits neatly into the seat post, where the charging port and main power switch are also located. It can be easily removed, transported and charged anywhere without needing bike to be nearby.

The charging system features an innovative BMS, which prevents the battery from overcharging and overheating and regulates the release of energy for greater efficiency and longer use.


36V and 250W motor

The Genava features a 36V, 250W motor located in the rear wheel, which is has a factory-set power limitation to stop the bike from exceeding 25 km/h. By law, when the bike reaches this speed, the motor must stop providing assistance. The motor is powerful enough to meet the demands of overcoming steep slopes.

A pedalling pressure Torque type sensor controls the motor assistance depending on which of the five levels has been chosen.

It has a clutch system that allows the bike to roll without any resistance should the rider want to cycle without any help from the motor.

160 mm hydraulic disc brakes

The Genava is equipped with 160 mm hydraulic disc brakes on both the front and rear wheels. They offer great braking power and guarantee to stop the bike within a few metres in case of emergency in all riding conditions. In addition, squeezing the brakes automatically disables the motor, facilitating a more immediate brake response..

7-speed transmission

The Genava's 7-speed transmission adjusts the pedalling effort without forcing the motor. The shift lever on the handlebars delivers accurate gear selection according to the gradient of the road. The derailleur is part of the Shimano 7-speed Tourney series.

Rear fork suspension

The connection between the rear frame and the main frame consists of a double lower and upper articulated fastening, and a hydraulic shock absorber. It is a highly effective mechanism that helps to absorb the movements and vibrations that the irregularities of the ground cause on the rear wheel, and that allows comfortly riding offroad.

Color LCD multifunction display

The Genava is equipped with a backlit display that features clear, easy-to-read graphics. It displays the data needed to monitor all riding parameters. It indicates real-time speed, lap time, distance travelled, remaining battery, motor assistance level and provides access to other functions such as the headlights and settings menu. The display is also equipped with a USB port to charge other devices such as mobile phones, smart watches and tablets. For a safe management and not having to release the handlebar while handling the device, the display buttons are set close to the left grip.