iruka Tokyo S


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This is the Japanese brand's original and authentic model. It has a markedly sporty character in terms of its riding position, gear ratio and tyre choice, and combines a unique and attractive design, ingenious folding geometry and spectacular riding performance.

It is available in five different colours with a sandblasted anodised finish.


A6061 aluminium alloy. Sandblasted anodised finish


Silver, black, dark grey, blue, red


8 speed SHIMANO Alfine 8 18T


Front and rear mechanic brakes


11,9Kg (w/o pedals)


147 cm Length – 72-95 cm seat height

Size (folded)

78cm x 48cm x 35cm

Folding steps – Use modes

Run. Wait. Walk. Sleep.

Jackknife frame

The double-arched frame is both the structural centrepiece and the all-important design feature that completes this bike's modern and innovative aesthetic. The rear wheel and fork pivot and fit neatly into the groove hollowed out in the frame. Although iruka is a folding bike, its one-piece frame is not cut by any joints or hinges, which creates a very stable and comfortable ride.

Front fork

The front fork is another courageous move by iruka. It is an asymmetrical telescopic folding mechanism with a single bar attached to the front wheel from the left side of the bike. This solution means that once the bike is folded, the front and rear wheels are in a parallel and coaxial position, allowing it to roll easily over smooth surfaces.

Rear fork

The pivoting fork makes it possible to fold the entire rear groupset towards the centre of the bike and fit it into the frame. When folded, it acts as a stand and sits in a stable position whilst supported by the front wheel. The elastomer suspension system absorbs the subtlest vibrations when riding.

Stem and handlebar post

The stiffness at the base of the handlebar post, which is often a weak point in folding bikes, is significantly increased thanks to its telescopic folding mechanism. This also makes it possible to adjust the height of the seat post and adapt it to various riding positions.

Internal gear hub

Internal gears such as those fitted to the iruka Tokyo S have clear advantages. Breakdowns are rare, it requires little maintenance and is also very reliable. It allows riders to shift from one speed to another while the bike is stationary, which is very useful for the constant stopping at junctions and traffic lights in the city. The Tokyo S is equipped with a premium Shimano Alfine 8 18T- 8 speed internal geared hub.




The iruka Tokyo S is fitted with mechanical disc brakes on both the front and rear wheels. They are fitted with a 140 mm brake rotor. The 140 mm disc brake works and performs spectacularly well, and offers a braking force that makes it highly reliable even in adverse weather conditions.

Chain tensioner

The tensioner is an essential element that keeps the chain at the optimum tension while riding, as well as preventing the chain from slipping off during the folding process.

18” wheels

The Schwalbe Kojak 18x1.25” wheels offer the perfect balance between speed, stability and handling.