Honbike HF01


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The Honbike HF01 is the urban e-bike of the future. Its unquestionable quality, excellent design and the company's courageous and innovative commitment to improvement will no doubt serve as a blueprint for rethinking the solutions traditionally applied by bicycle manufacturers. Some examples include a drastic reduction in the number of components, the patented shaft drive system instead of a metal chain, and zero maintenance for 40,000 km.


Die cast aluminium


White and black / black / red and black




160 mm disk mechanic brakes




20,8 Kg


1545x590x1080 mm

Size (folded)

800x430x670 mm


36V 250W front wheel motor


36V 6Ah

Winner of international design awards

The invested effort to ensure that the shape and design matched the bike's quality and excellent performance has been rewarded with four prestigious international design awards: the Good Design Award 2020, the Silver Award 2021, the IF Design Award 2021 and the Red Dot Award 2021.

Fewer components, greater efficiency

The Honbike HF01's elegant and minimalist appearance is largely due to its developer's desire to simplify the bike's construction. A total of 57 parts, which are easy to assemble and, if needs be, to replace, means great savings in resources and energy in terms of both the manufacturing and packaging processes and also transport, in contrast to traditional electric bicycles that can have more than 250 parts.

The Honbike HF01 model is designed and engineered so that buyers can assemble their new bike themselves.

Only the bare essentials

The Honbike HF01 is a meticulously designed model. Every aspect has been carefully studied to ensure that it only comprises the essential components, eliminating any accessories or purely decorative details. Lightweight parts, simple shapes, constructive coherence and a clean design are the features prioritised by the bike's designers. There are no protruding parts or visible cables. The battery and display are fully integrated. Its performance is progressive, smooth and silent. It is a bike that borders on perfection.

Intuitive and fast folding mechanism

The folding mechanism is based on two hinge points located in the central part of the frame and at the base of the handlebar post. It is a tried and tested system complemented by the double kickstand that helps keep the bike stable when folded. Once the movements have been mastered, the folding process is easily completed in as little as fifteen seconds.

Shaft-driven system. A Honbike patent

Recent efforts have focused on finding ways to improve the drawbacks of metal chain drives. One of the most widely accepted proposals has been the carbon belt, which optimises maintenance tasks, eliminates grease and dirt and offers a smoother and quieter ride. Honbike has taken their HF01 model one step further and presented a new patent based on a shaft-driven system using some gears that transforms each pedal stroke into a rotation of the rear wheel shaft. The result is a very reliable, high-performance mechanism that requires zero maintenance. Numerous manufacturers’ tests have shown that the bike can run for 40,000 km before needing any maintenance.

36v and 6ah battery & optional extra battery

Although the standard battery has an estimated range of about 40 km, the Honbike HF01 includes the option to incorporate a second battery attached to the frame, which doubles the travel distance without needing to recharge.

Three sensors for optimal riding

Honbike's firm commitment to technological innovation and its application to the electric bicycle means the HF01 incorporates the latest developments in safety and performance. Several sensors regulate motor assistance for a more reliable and comfortable ride; the pedal pressure sensor, the gradient sensor and the vertical tilt sensor to deactivate the motor if it exceeds 30°, guarantee a 100% reliable performance.

36v and 250w front motor

Honbike has developed a motor with the same electrical voltage and power as many of the urban folding e-bikes on the market, but it is significantly smaller and lighter. Weighing just 1.92 kg, the motor sits above the front wheel and is able to cope with all the demands of city riding.

Integrated display, Bluetooth connectivity and Honbike App

The display is positioned in the centre of the handlebars and provides data about the journey and motor performance. It is integrated into the handlebars themselves with the control buttons positioned next to the handlebar grip so that they can be operated without having to let go of the handlebars. This device also allows you to connect the bicycle to a mobile phone via Bluetooth to check and record all data.

Mechanical disc brakes

The HF01 is equipped with 160 mm mechanical disc brakes on the front and rear wheels, which ensure an optimum response, even in adverse weather conditions. The brake levers are attached to the ends of the handlebars, so that the cable routing is concealed.

Control buttons integrated into the handle

One of the priorities in developing the HF01 was to pay meticulous attention to every aspect of its design, but great consideration was also given to its safety and operability. A clear example of this is the bike's electrical configuration and its set of control buttons, which have been incorporated into the right handgrip so that they can be operated safely while holding the handlebars with both hands.