Eecycle EFT7


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The EFT7 is the electric version of Eecycle's folding city bike featuring a 7-speed internal gear hub. It is a 16”-wheel model, foldable in three movements thanks to three pivot points. This model's fast folding mechanism, its compact shape and lightweight build are undoubtedly its greatest qualities.

The removable arc-shaped battery, patented by the brand itself, slots perfectly into the frame following its contour and becoming fully integrated, hidden and protected.

The five-stage motor is controlled by a torque sensor that measures pedal pressure.


6061 aluminium alloy


White, black, red, dark green, bronze, silver grey... Availability according to production and manufacturer stock


Intern 7speed Shimano Nexus


160 mm disk mechanic brake, and rear hub roller brake




17,5 Kg


1490x390x1090 mm

Size (folded)

730x330x670 mm


Rear wheel 36V 250W motor (5 assistance levels)


Lithium 36V 6,8Ah


A light and strong 6061 aluminium alloy arched frame with a folding joint at the front. Its arched cylindrical tubular structure creates a slim profile and provides great inertia. Its slender, elongated shape gives it a light and elegant appearance.

When folded, the mouth of the frame remains exposed and the battery, which is housed inside the central tube, can be removed. The hinges lock securely in place thanks to a metal clamp and screw.

Folding mechanism

The bike folds quickly, easily and intuitively. It involves three steps and four positions. In step one, the rear frame swings down until the rear wheel slots under the frame. At this point, the bike is balanced and stabilised by the front wheel and the four "easy wheels" on the pannier rack.

Before moving on to step two, the saddle must be lowered to stop the rear swingarm from moving. In step two, the front wheel and fork fold 180° to sit parallel with the rear wheel. Finally, in the third and final step, the fork and handlebars fold downwards to sit alongside the wheels as well. The result is a very compact volume that is easy to transport and store.

Samsung removable lithium battery

The EFT7 is powered by a 36v lithium battery with a capacity of 6.8Ah. It is manufactured by Samsung to suit the requirements of the curved frame, where it is fully integrated and hidden. It can be easily removed and conveniently carried anywhere. It takes three hours to reach a full charge and according to the manufacturer can run for around 60 km at a moderate level of pedal assistance.

36V and 350W motor

Eecycle's EFT7 model is equipped with a 36V and 350W motor installed in the front wheel. It has more than enough power to meet all demands of city riding and overcome steep slopes. It is factory set with self-limiting power so as not to exceed 25 km/h, the maximum speed allowed by European regulations for this type of vehicle. The torque pedal pressure sensor measures how much motor assistance is needed according to the chosen assistance level.

Front disk brake

An electric bike that can easily reach 25 km/h needs brakes that can stop it within a few metres.

The EFT7 is equipped with a high-performance 160 mm mechanical disc brake, which ensures optimum braking at all speeds and in adverse weather conditions.

Rear hub roller brake

The rear wheel is fitted with a roller brake for a smoother and more progressive response. The combination of front disc brake and rear roller brake provides an ideal braking response for all circumstances and riding conditions.

LCD multifunction display

The EFT7's display is backlit and features clear, easy-to-read graphics. It provides all the data necessary to control all riding parameters. Real-time speed, lap time, distance travelled, battery level, motor assistance level, and other functions such as switching the lights on and accessing the settings menu. The display is also equipped with a standard USB port for charging other devices such as mobile phones, smart watches and tablets.