crnk Owl


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Ultralight glasses composed of a TR-90 polyamide frame and a highly durable and resistant polycarbonate lens. Despite being designed for cycling, they are also suitable for practicing multiple sports. Its frame has a good support to the head, adapts perfectly to the shape of the face and at the same time offers optimal field of vision and ventilation.


38gr (Frame 20gr + Lens 18gr)


White, bleck, blue


TR-90 polyamide Frame / Polycarbonate lens


Three interchangeable lenses set: Black / Clear / Photochromic

Ultraviolet protection

100% (UV 400)

crnk. A European market novelty top brand

Owl is one of the goggle models of crnk, a South Korean manufacturer of sports equipment specialized in helmets, goggles and technical clothing for cycling and skiing that leads the Asian market. crnk lands in Europe to offer innovative products with high quality standards.

Ultralight goggles

38gr of total weight, the Owl model are ultralight glasses. Very comfortable to wear and appropriate for cycling and other outdoor sports. The frame weighs only 20g and the lens 18g.

Depending on the need of setting any of the available accessories (nose support pad and auxiliary frame for graduated lenses) the total weight may slightly increase.

Three color options

The Owl model frame is available in black, white and navy blue. Each one of them sets three interchangeable lenses in different shades.

3 interchangeable lenses

Owl goggles are marketed with three different types of lenses: clear lens, dark mirror lens, and photochromic lens. They are lenses with different levels of darkness that easily fit and disengage from the frame. All three lenses have UV400 filtering capacity.

In addition to the interchangeable lenses, the goggles arepresented with a protective case, a cleaning felt and an elegant box with a magnetic closure.

Photochromic lens

The main property of the photochromic lens of Owl glasses is its ability to adapt color and darkening depending on the environment light level. Light intensity increase activates a reactive pigment that detects the level of ambient UV light and changes the color of the lens. The lens darkening level range varies from 90% transparency in the darkest environments to 15% in the contexts of maximum light intensity.

High performance materials

The TR90 polyamide frame offers the Owl goggles very good performance in terms of resistance, durability and lightness.

The lenses polycarbonate has a high degree of transparency and sharpness, which helps to reduce eye fatigue and adds clarity to the image. It is also a lightweight, impact and scratch resistant material.

Due to their quality, lightness and performance, Owl goggles are not only appropriate for cycling. They are also suitable for practicing many other outdoor sports.

Frame. Size and shape

The design of the frame of all the models of crnk goggles prioritizes offering a comfortable position on the face and also good protection from the wind, both frontally and laterally. For this reason, it has a wide and enveloping shape that provides great comfort and excellent visibility.

Ultraviolet ray protection

All the lenses of crnk goggles offer a degree of UV400 protection against Ultraviolet, UVA and UVB rays. It means that they block 100% of all UV rays with a lower than 400 nanometers wavelength.

UV400 is the degree of protection that the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends for sun protection lenses.

Prescription lenses auxiliar frame

crnk provides its models of glasses with an excellent solution for those people who need prescription lenses to have optimal vision. It is a removable auxiliary frame that admits prescription lenses and that perfectly fits in the main frame. It makes possible satisfying both needs, protection and quality of vision all in one piece of goggles.

International homologations

The crnk Owl model complies with the demanding quality and safety parameters required by the KC certifications of South Korea, which makes it suitable for the Asian market, as well as the CE, which approves it for sale in Europe.