Chedech White


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This is Chedech's standard model. It has a carbon fibre frame and other major components such as a 6-speed L-TWOO R9 11 external gear hub, double-butted aluminium alloy wheels and Innova IA 2084N tyres. It features an ultra-compact three-part folding mechanism. The hinges are made of aluminium and have patented clamp and safety locking systems. It weighs just 8.6 kg (without pedals).


Toray type carbon fibre with interior laminated stiffening layer


White, black


6 speed external L-TWOO R9 11, finger lever


Shimano 105BR 5800F front caliper brake. Chedech rear caliper brake


18'x1.25 Innova IA 2084N


8,9Kg (w/o pedal)


98cm x 150cm x 56cm

Size (folded)

60cm x 63cm x 35cm

Chemically reinforced carbon fibre frame

The bike's carbon fibre frame is a major innovation in the folding urban mini velo market. Since the first version released in 2016, improvements have been introduced to its central structure to make it more rigid and reliable without increasing its weight. This evolution has resulted in a frame made from various sections that feature an interior laminated stiffening layer that guarantees high inertia and mechanical resistance. This strength gives Chedech bikes excellent stability and makes for a comfortable ride.

Folding steps

Compactability. Three-hinge folding mechanism

The Chedech folding mechanism transforms this mini velo into a very compact shape. It is easy to load it into the boot of a car, take into the cinema or a restaurant, on a train or any other mode of public transport. Its light and compact shape when folded down make it a great option for these situations.

The first fold swings the rear wheel towards the centre of the frame; a second fold brings the front of the frame alongside the rear wheel, and a third hinge at the base of the handlebar post folds down the handlebars, meaning the Chedech bike only measures 60x63x35 cm when compacted.

Carbon - metal

The Chedech design team considered all the parameters of durability and stiffness to determine which materials were best for each part of the bike. It is for this reason that the hinges have been designed with metallic parts, as they stay rigid and stable when subjected to the stresses of riding, and are more durable against the repetitive movements of folding and unfolding. Carbon fibre has been used for the frame and other parts of the bike to make it as light as possible. Chemically reinforced fibres have been used at the points where metal and carbon meet to increase stiffness and durability.

Patented clamp and lock system

The Chedech clamp and locking bolt mechanism is a patented system that guarantees 100% safety and stability at the joints, an essential requirement for a folding bike. A pivot pin has been added to the traditional clamp system that prevents any movement by adding pressure and eliminates any possibility of the lock coming loose.

Geometric complexity, functional simplicity

Chedech has optimised the bicycle's folding mechanism using complex geometries designed with millimetric precision. It is this complexity that makes the folding and unfolding process so simple and possible to complete in a matter of seconds.

Rear frame suspension

The linking mechanism between the central frame and the rear frame is another of Chedech's patented systems. It has a dual function. First, the fixing and locking of the rear frame when the bicycle is unfolded, and second, the suspension system when the bicycle is in motion. It is an elastic piece that absorbs vibrations from the rear and makes riding more comfortable.