Naici Sports

Naicisports, founded in 2015, is a specialist manufacturer of folding electric bikes for city use. It has modern and well-equipped facilities, a production line that involves a highly-skilled workforce, innovation and technology, and rigorous quality control. It also has its own testing laboratories, R&D department and a highly-specialised technical team, which guarantees the quality of every bicycle it puts on the market.

Naicisports offers a wide range of folding electric bikes, partly thanks to its specialisation in this type of vehicle. It produces bicycles with aluminium, carbon and magnesium frames, mini velos with 16" or 20" wheels.

Naicisports exports its products to the Asian market, especially Japan and South Korea, as well as to the United States and Europe.

Whatabike! has agreed to import the main components for two of this manufacturer’s folding e-bike models and carry out the entire assembly and quality control process in Barcelona.